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Chicken Masala Qorma Briyani Cook fast and Tasty Method

Regardless of whether you’re talking Arroz con Pollo, Hainanese Chicken Rice, or Oyako Donburi; chicken and rice is an exemplary blending that has pervaded culinary culture the world over. It bodes well that prior in mankind’s history, this staple seed would be joined with a tamed wellspring of protein, however the way that this mix has suffered as a prominent most loved today, addresses its unassailable delectability.

This is home style, liberal biryani with luscious flavors stacked with herbs and aroma. I propose, serve it hot soon after dum (steaming) with raita and kachumber plate of blended greens for best taste.

Albeit generally connected with Indian food, Chicken Biryani is a dish that has spread over a wide swath of South Asia, coming to as far west as Iraq, and as far east as Indonesia. The immense geological zone Biryani calls home has brought about an enormous assortment of arrangements and fixings.

In Pakistani, remarkably Karachi, Biryani is routinely made on Fridays or on parts of the bargains; also in valid dinners or weddings or barbecue or whatever; biryani fits in all events. Likewise, it’s for each situation incredible, never debilitating.

Scrumptious and solid Chicken Masala Biryani formula is accessible on the web. Note down the fixings and technique to plan to make it at home. You can serve it as a first-class dinner at lunch or supper for family or companions.

Step By Step Method of Cooking

  1. Warmth oil in a pot and include the straight leaves, cardamom and cloves.
  2. At the point when the leaves turn brilliant, include the onion and fry until dark colored.
  3. Include the chicken pieces and fry for 5 minutes.
  4. Include the masala and let the chicken cook with it for 5 minutes.
  5. Include the chicken stock and salt.
  6. At the point when the blend starts to bubble, include the washed rice.
  7. Lower the warmth and cook the rice, mixing tenderly once in no time flat.
  8. At the point when the rice is cooked, bring down the warmth and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Marinate Chicken:


Add Piyaz and cook it at 5 minutes and make the reddish.


You can mix the oil in chicken at low temperature to boil and mix the other masalas step by step.

In the wake of including tomato puree, blend well and cook further for 10-15 minutes on high fire until water dries and oil isolates. (Bhunofy) This progression is significant.

Add water 4/5 portion with butter and milk.


Mix well and let them cook at normal temperature at 5 minutes

Mix all vegetables to rice so that they get boiled at normal temperature.

At this stage, include gram masala powder for solid smell. Sauce for biryani is prepared.

For Layering


Smear nearly 2 tablespoon oil on the base of overwhelming based pot for crunchy khurchan. At that point partition rice generally in three sections. Spread ⅓ rice in base of pot.

Now cut chicken into bites untill it get soft.

In This step mix all ingredients safely untill shaken well.


Include second layer of staying chicken sauce. (Gap the chicken and potatoes in extent.)

  • Spread last layer of ⅓ rice.
    On this layer, I add saffron soaked in ½ cup water. Make to spread evenly.
    Then drizzle 4-6 tablespoons of oil all over the last layer of rice.
    In Pakistani Biryani, Orange color mixed with water and kewra or saffron essence is also added add that too.

    (We avoid color and essence for we love only natural stuff with no colors and no artificial flavors until really necessary.)

Chicken Briyani Method

1.Soak rice for 20 mins.

2.Heat oil fry onion untill they are brilliant darker take out and spread on paper after gets fresh, granulate them.

3.Add ginger garlic glue fry min 20mins or smell evacuate properly,add all fixings include chicken fry some time include seared onion,yogurt,tomatoes,prunello cook till chicken delicate appropriately now include badyan pwd,nutmeg and mace pwd embodiment rmove from stove.

4. LAYERS: Boil rice in an enormous vessel include a couple of mint leaves,whole fixings and 1 lemon’s juice.

5. At the point when rice half-done toss water .

6. Gap rice and chicken into three sections, Now in another enormous vessel spread one layer of rice ,on layer spread one piece of chicken,sprink nourishment shading ,mint leaves,green chillies,lemon cuts do same twice more and on lower burst steam rice for 20 mins.

7. Serve hot with raita and plate of mixed greens.


Serve hot with salads and chutney.


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