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Dabba Chicken Pie Healthy Food How to Cook fast


A filo cake garnish offers path to a velvety tarragon chicken base in this consoling chicken pie formula. It is low fat with 2.3g soaked fat per serving.


To warm in a dish: Transfer the prepared pasta in an oven affirmation dish. Pour whipped eggs over the pasta. By then sprinkle smoking hot oil over it. Finally set it up in a preheated grill at 350 F for 5-7 minutes or until eggs are just set.

You can incorporate or subtract veggies of your choice like youngster corn, mushrooms and broccoli.

If you don’t have cashew, you may use almond powder.

Plain flour can in like manner be used as opposed to cashew powder, anyway taste will be undermined. You can switch coconut milk powder for fresh coconut milk or coconut cream also. Basically remove extra water in the equation.


Put an enormous non-stick skillet over a medium-high warmth and shower with a little oil. Cook the chicken pieces for 4–5 min until carmelized, at that point move to a bowl. Shower the container with somewhat more oil, at that point include the leeks, carrots, thyme and garlic. Cook, mixing sometimes, for 5 min or until the vegetables relax.

Return the chicken to the skillet and include the flour. Cook, blending, for 1 min or until consolidated. Include the stock and tarragon, at that point season with ground dark pepper. Stew, mixing every so often, for 5 min or until the chicken is nearly cooked and the sauce is thickened. Expel from the warmth and put aside to cool for 10 min. Mix in the peas and Philadelphia.

Spoon the blend into the readied dish. Daintily shower the filo sheets with oil, at that point crease every one fifty-fifty and gently scrunch. Spread the chicken blend totally with the baked good, at that point splash with somewhat more oil. Cook in the broiler for 20–25 min until brilliant.

  1. Directions

    Cook elbow pasta in bubbling water for 1 moment not exactly the guidelines on the bundle. Subsequent to depleting high temp water, wash pasta with cold water and keep it in colander. Shower little oil over pasta and coat equally with slim film of oil. Put in a safe spot.

    Warmth oil in a skillet and include garlic, ginger, green bean stew glue, cumin powder, dark pepper and cashew powder, mix for few moments at that point include chicken. Blend well and spread the pot. Cook on low warmth for 15 moment until delicate.

    Presently include yogurt, coconut milk, bubbled pasta corn , carrots and capsicum. Blend well and spread the pot. Cook for another 5-7 minutes until vegetables get delicate. Keep the warmth on low.

    Presently include new coriander and cream. Blend well and stew for 1-2 minutes. At that point expel from heat.

    Embellishment with tomato and capsicum cuts.

    Whip three eggs, salt and red stew powder in a bowl. Pour whipped egg over the pasta.

    At that point warmth oil in vessel until smoking hot. Shower oil equally over the eggs.

    Spread the pot and cook pie on least warmth for 5-7 minutes until set.

    Cut and serve right away.


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