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Dates roll Easy Cook Free recipe at Home


What I love about winter is to taste of bounteous of dry natural products accessible almonds, cashew nuts, apricots, date palms , and so on. In addition to the fact that they taste extraordinary keep you smooth from back to front. Presently to discuss that star of the present formula Date palms or Khajur-is an incredible wellspring of iron. The Sweet dish that I am making today is Khajur barfi or Khajur Rolls. A significant piece of this tasty barfi or roll is such a joy and you will in a split second experience passionate feelings for it. Not to overlook it’s different medical advantages. Shock your people with this straightforward formula and win stomach! (Goodness! I mean Hearts!)


In a dish dry meal the nuts on medium warmth till they are warm. Put in a safe spot.

Dissolve the margarine/ghee in a similar dish over medium warmth. Include the mixed dates.

Keep cooking for around 6-7 min or till you see a uniform surface, utilize a spatula to mix in customary interims

Include the simmered nut blend and blend well. Cook for a moment.

Put in a bowl and let it rest for 15 minutes or till it comes to room temperature.

When cool, Shape the blend into a log and cut into scaled down pieces.


500 gm of Date Palm-Khajur (Seedless)

Half Cup-cleaved Almonds (Badaam)

Half Cup-cleaved Cashew Nuts Kaju

Half cup-cleaved Pistachio

Half Cup Nariyal ka khaman (Grated Coconut Optional)

2 tbsp ghee

2 tbsp Poppy seeds (khas)


Coarsely granulate the date palms khajur. When you get the ideal surface, put it in a safe spot for some time.

Warmth the skillet, and on a low-medium fire include khaskhas and cook it for a moment and a half. At the point when done take it out in a plate for later use.

Warm the skillet and pour in ghee, include the hacked dry natural products badam, kaju and pista. Blend well. Broil on a medium fire for around 2 minutes. Mix persistently to abstain from consuming.

Include nariyal ka khaman into the dry organic product blend, bring down the fire, let it cook well. (you can likewise utilize ground coconut)

Include the simmered poppy seeds (khas khas)(keep a spoonful for embellishing later) and after that include the crushed date palm (khajur) into the skillet.

Blend well, lower fire, blend well as the misture is thick and it will require some investment. Presently on a medium fire, cook for around 3-4 minutes. Try not to overcook. Do it definitely for 3 to 4 minutes.

Move the substance to a wide plate , let it chill off for a piece, you can pick the shape you need.

Once the khajur roll are prepared, place an aluminum foil, sprinkle the khas and pista on it and after that roll the khajur over it so the embellishing adheres to the move, rehash for the different too.

When the decorating is done, spread the khajur rolls individulay in the aluminum foil and permit to set them in icebox for 2-2.5 hours.

Take the khajur turns out and place them on a hacking board. Cut them into half inch pieces.

Your Khajur ki Mithai is fit to be served and eaten!

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